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shadow 2

"Shadow 2" Aquatint  11x 10 cm  - drawings of horses

shadow leap

"Shadow Leap" Aquatint  16 x 10 cm 

Drawing, Printmaking, Documentary drawing.

I am a printmaker / artist who specialises in Drawing, and Reportage. 

War Art & Surgery, the exhibition, is about to enter its final two weeks at the Hunterian Museum, The Royal College of Surgeons of England, London WC2A 3PE, for full details see below:-

 "War Art & Surgery"  
is a World War 1 centenary project which
refers to the archive of Henry Tonks' First World War pastel portraits which record the pioneering facial reconstruction of wounded soldiers by surgeon Harold Gillies.

As a response to the Tonks pastels over 150 drawings have been produced representing military surgeons in training and the rehabilitation of recently wounded soldiers on their road to recovery.
The drawings reflect the training and expertise of clinicians and the heroism of those who survived life-changing injuries.

The project exhibition War Art & Surgery can be seen at
The Hunterian Museum, The Royal College of Surgeons of England,
35 - 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PE until February 14th 2015.

The accompanying publication "War, Art and Surgery: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in the work of Henry Tonks and Julia Midgley" edited by Samuel J.M.M. Alberti, is now available.

for full details and further information please visit


Some of these drawings are illustrated to the left and also at :-


Drawings from the  War Art & Surgery project are now available for acquisition
and can be viewed in the exhibition or by appointment in the Cheshire studio.

For enquries about acquisitions please contact:- 01606 77006 or
e mail  julia@juliamidgley.co.uk

War Art & Surgery is an Arts Council England funded project

Personal work uses drawings of horses, often as a metaphor, often as studies for larger works. There are new Horse drawings on the Horses page .

Visit the Printmaking page to see award winning etchings or click on the appropriate image below for Personal, Documentary, Horses, Amphitheatre, and DLA Piper pages.

Other Documentary Projects:-

As a member of artistsinarchaeology I worked on the Stonehenge Riverside Project from 2007 -09 :-

From 2007 - 2008 I was DLA Piper Artist in Residence on the new Art & Design Academy in Liverpool designed by Rick Mather for L.J.M.U. :- http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/corporatecommunications/92595.htm  


1993 and 2000 Laing Landscape Awards (Manchester)
1996 The Rainford Trust Prize ( painting ) 

1996 The Gainsborough's House Prize ( printmaking , and ... most recently in
2007 "Coast" National competition and exhibition ( painting ) 

2009 The Printmaking Today Prize - R.E. Annual exhibition Bankside Gallery London

Professional Memberships:-

Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, 
Reader in Documentary Drawing at Liverpool School Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University ( ret'd 2013).
Member & past Vice President of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts;
C.A.N. (Cheshire Artists Network )

The Chelsea Arts Club; 

email: julia@juliamidgley.co.uk.  or call 01606 77006

Contact details are as follows:
studio :  01606 77006
e.           julia@juliamidgley.co.uk

for most recently completed small works










blue american horse

t.parthian archer
Drawings of Horses Documentary Printmaking Chester Roman Amphitheatre DLA Piper Residency